What’s Old is New Again — Reclaimed Wood

Re-using old wood is not just about wide plank floors, lots of furniture is crafted by taking what’s old and spinning it into something new. It is surprising how many products are made from reclaimed wood. What some people don’t know about reclaimed wood is that it is recycled wood that’s been taken from various sources like factories, old barns, retired ships, stock farms, warehouses, and much more. It is simply wood with a past life used for a new purpose! Reclaimed wood looks perfect in any home because there are different hues, textures, colors, uses, and patterns.

This Set of 3 Square Reclaimed Wood Open-Box Shelves is perfect for plants, photos, art, etc. They give a rustic farmhouse feel and are a great accent piece in any home. The reclaimed wood shelves make your home look modern and simple. They are the perfect accent piece to have on your wall.

This Taupe Reclaimed Wood Finish Dining Table is another product that adds warmth and texture to your home. The reclaimed wood gives your home a modern and simple feel. You can put anything on this table and it will look amazing. You can use this table as a dining table or a coffee table.

Add the perfect touch of “farmhouse” to your home with these Rustic Natural Weathered Grey Wood Window Shutters. These shutters look amazing on any wall of your home, or framing an interior window, and create the perfect barn wood feel. They are made out of 100% reclaimed and recycled wood, with no trees harmed in the making! No doubt, they are “a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.”

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Blog by Caroline Kolczynski, Sales Executive HomeRoots, 2021

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