PingPong and HomeRoots Collaboration Presents: The Fastest Route to the North American Market


The US retail market, a behemoth valued at $7 trillion annually, represents a lucrative opportunity for suppliers worldwide. Entering this market efficiently and cost-effectively is paramount for maximizing profits while minimizing expenses.

Collaboration Overview

The collaboration between financial platform PingPong and B2B home vertical leader HomeRoots marks a significant stride in achieving this goal. This partnership focuses on prioritizing customer needs, offering a seamless entry into the North American market.


Advantages of PingPong

PingPong is one of the leading global payment platforms, focusing on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and technology companies for global expansion and digital transformation. The platform provides a one-stop cross-border solution, including collection, payment, currency exchange, management, and SaaS, utilizing its extensive network spanning over 200 countries and regions.


HomeRoots: A B2B Platform

HomeRoots operates as a B2B platform specifically tailored for manufacturers in the home industry. It boasts a wide reach across the US, including partnerships with major retailers and e-commerce platforms.


Brand Success and Market Penetration

HomeRoots isn’t just a platform; it’s a successful brand. By inviting users to sell under its banner, HomeRoots offers significant savings in marketing costs and time, facilitating faster market penetration.


Certified Partnership

As a certified partner of PingPong, HomeRoots extends various benefits to manufacturers. Joining this partnership equates to enjoying comprehensive coverage and distribution across all HomeRoots channels.

Comprehensive Coverage and Distribution

Participants in this collaboration benefit from full coverage and distribution via HomeRoots’ extensive network. This includes presence in the HomeRoots online store, amplifying market reach.

Leveraging Technology for Sales

A unique aspect of this partnership is the use of AI tools provided by HomeRoots for generating product content. This technology-driven approach significantly enhances sales prospects and market impact.



The PingPong and HomeRoots collaboration opens up a fast and efficient route to the North American market. This partnership promises to be a game-changer for manufacturers aiming to penetrate the US market with minimal cost and maximum efficiency

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