A Bar Cart for Every Home

Bar carts, bar carts, bar carts. What is it about this new and improved tea trolley that we love so much? By the end of Prohibition almost 100 years ago, this unique home addition was first popularized, as Americans eagerly stocked up on their favorite liquors, celebrating with friends in the comfort of their own homes. While the bar cart provides mobility and convenience for at-home dining, wet bars, pubs, and plastic coolers began to push the bar cart to the back of the pack. Lucky for us, the enthusiasm for at-home entertainment and bar cart decor is back and here to stay. Today, the utility of bar carts extends beyond wine and dining needs, from maximizing a small space to adding a personal touch to the corner of your kitchen, living room, dining room or bathroom. This versatile product calls for endless opportunities. Need a nightstand? An office organizer? No space for an outdoor pub? The bar cart has you covered.

This functional design trend calls for a variety of HomeRoots bar cart options, offering customers endless opportunities for every home aesthetic. From modern minimalism to colorful eclectic to urban industrial; Homeroots provides a personalized bar cart style for every home, room, and cocktail.

Antique gold adds a touch of luxury to any space. This bar cart will do just that while keeping a minimalist and functional design. With wine racks, two reflective shelves and a circular frame; this bar cart is a true showstopper.



Sophisticated, effortless and calming. This stainless steel and white kitchen island covers storage needs from cooking to cocktails. Including a towel bar, wheel locks and a wine rack, what more could you need in a bright and airy kitchen?


Colorful Eclectic

This yellow and white peace van doubles as a retro focal point and a convenient wine bar. Made out of metal and mango wood, this piece will start conversations itself. A wine van is a perfect option for that groovy, eclectic customer.


Contemporary Chic

We love this sleek and stylish bar cart; its rose gold finish and hexagon design give a modern flair to any room. A chic shopper looking for makeup and glam storage will see this bar cart as their modern match.


Modern Farmhouse

Crafted with mango wood, this versatile kitchen island has a multitude of functionality. This modern yet rustic island beautifully displays fine wines while providing plenty of open space and storage. A compact and versatile option for a rustic, modern aesthetic.


Rustic Industrial

This bar cart is modern industrial meets rustic farmhouse, and don’t let the size fool you. This uniquely crafted bar cart can do just about anything, but most importantly, it allows for seamless transportation of your favorite cocktails… and it looks good doing it.


Blog written by Madi Tucker, HomeRoots Marketing Intern, 2020

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