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Bridging the Gap When Selling Online with Major US Retailers

Standing out online in the US is no small feat, and the ultimate goal for many is to sell through the major online retailers that everyone knows. However, getting there is challenging, and the process becomes even more complex once you get your foot in the door.

Each retailer has a specific set of rules you must follow to sell on their platform. They require correct language, accurate images, and coherent descriptions that match the products. Third-party marketplaces don’t impose as many rules as primary (P1) platforms, but they still have their requirements.

First, Upload Your Products the Right Way

Most platforms, whether P1 or P3, require you to upload an Excel sheet with all your product information. Handling multiple categories means dealing with multiple spreadsheets, each containing hundreds of fields. If you need to upload five categories, that’s 350 fields per category, totaling 1,750 fields for just one platform!

Now Multiply That Work Across Multiple Platforms

If you’re selling on five platforms, simple math shows you need to fill in 8,750 fields. This sounds easy if it were just copying and pasting spreadsheets, but it’s not. Each platform has a different category structure, fields, and allowed values. For example, “cherry wood” on one platform might just be “wood” on another.

You’ve Entered 9,000 Fields, Now What?

After entering nearly 9,000 fields for five categories, you try to upload the spreadsheet to make your products live. In over 90% of cases, you’ll receive error messages from the platform. These errors could be due to simple typos, disallowed field values, or invalid options. Fixing these errors can take as much time as filling out the 9,000 fields did.

How Many Resources Do You Need?

We evaluated how many man-hours it takes to upload products to five platforms. The process mentioned above requires more than 300 man-hours. This means it could take at least two and a half months with one employee dedicated solely to this task. With three employees, you could complete it in less than a month.

What If We Could Do It Just Once and Be Done?

What a great idea! This is exactly what we thought when we started HomeRoots. We’ve experienced these problems firsthand and were eager to find a solution to bridge the gaps between platforms, saving you a lot of work. We’ve developed a system that works across the largest US online retailers for P1 vendors.

Who wouldn’t want to reduce 300 man-hours to 30, saving more than 90% of the work? This is the essence of what we do, and you can do it with HomeRoots. 

In conclusion

At HomeRoots, we understand these challenges intimately and have developed a system that simplifies and streamlines this process. By bridging the gaps between platforms, we not only reduce the workload by over 90% but also ensure your products are accurately and efficiently listed across the largest US online retailers. With HomeRoots, you can focus more on growing your business and less on the cumbersome logistics of product uploads. Discover how HomeRoots can transform your online selling experience and propel your business to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What makes selling on major US online retailers challenging?

A: Selling on major US online retailers is challenging due to the specific rules and requirements each platform imposes. These include correct language, accurate images, coherent descriptions, and varying category structures.

Q: How many man-hours are typically required to upload products across multiple platforms?

A: Uploading products across five platforms can require more than 300 man-hours, translating to at least two and a half months with one dedicated employee.

Q: What kind of errors can occur during the product upload process?

A: Common errors during product uploads include typos, disallowed field values, and invalid options, which can result in error messages from the platform.

Q: How does HomeRoots simplify the product upload process?

A: HomeRoots has developed a system that bridges the gaps between platforms, reducing the workload by over 90% and ensuring accurate and efficient product listings across major US online retailers.

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