The Off-Campus Apartment, part 3

Whether it’s your first year or first apartment as a Junior or Senior, there are going to be some furniture purchases to get started. The “grandmillennial” style of pairing some hand-me-down furniture with some key accent purchases usually makes for a fun and inviting space.


After a long day on campus, plush seating is a must. This inviting convertible sofa is compact enough to fit in a dorm and modern enough for a stylish off-campus living room. The split-back provides three different comfort settings with an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism. Did I mention that a futon doubles as an extra mattress? A sleeping spot for your friends and extra seating makes this futon a win-win. Color options come in black and grey.


While most dorms come with a desk and chair, they tend to be simple and with little to no storage or practicality. If there is an option to move these pieces out of your dorm space… I wouldn’t think twice about it. Invest in a desk that has both style and functionality like this off-white finished piece. Stain, heat, and scratch-resistant, this desk will withstand years of office work.

Desk Chair

The college workload calls for an office chair that provides premium comfort. This breathable, adjustable and modern alpha chair leaves no compromises. Featuring a bungee cord back and no armrests for a sleek, professional look.

A second office chair option is ideal for that chic college customer. The mauve rose velvet upholstery serves as a dorm or office focal point; a padded seat and backrest guarantee cozy comfort. Including adjustable height functionality and swing mobility, what more could you want in an office chair?

The Entry

There are a couple of wall décor items as you walk in or out the front door that adds a practical or fun touch to your new dwelling.

The Chalkboard

Notes to your roommate, grocery list items, or directions to a party are perfect chalkboard communication items.

The Key Holder

One of the best habits to start is putting your keys in the same place every time you walk into your house.

The Mirror

And last, but not least, a mirror because it is never a bad idea to do a quick tooth check on the way out of the house!

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