The Entry to a Home

Entryways are a home’s “first impression”. It’s the first area you see right before you walk into a home and it sets the mood for the home. An entryway gives you a glimpse of what you’re about to walk into — a well-organized home or a somewhat chaotic mess! It should welcome you into the home and make you feel comfortable. Many people struggle to find functional items for their home’s entryway. HomeRoots has suggestions for the perfect items to make every home feel special!

Family Photos in Frames

One item you can put in your entryway is photos in beautiful frames. Pictures make a home feel like home. Not only does it decorate your home with happy memories, but the frames also set the tone of how the rest of your house is decorated.

Hang it Up

Another perfect item for your home’s entryway is our adorable coat rack hangers. You can walk into your home and hang either your coat or keys. This makes your home feel welcoming when your guests walk in and take off their coats to make them feel more like home.

Entryway Bench

This modern entryway white wood finish storage bench is perfect for your home’s entryway. It has two woven storage compartments for your shoes and other belongings. It makes your home less cluttered and more organized. Not only is it for storage, but it is also for style!

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Blog by Caroline Kolczynski, Sales Executive HomeRoots, 2021

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