HomeRoots eCommerce Bullet Point “Rules”

Like the sign says, what are the bullet points that describe your product as “awesome?” A bullet point provides saleable information — size, theme, use case, and anything special about the product. A bullet point is short, easy to read, and provides the extra value proposition for a product.

Here are the items we are looking for in a bullet point and the style of writing preferred:

· Measurements — full and complete measurements

· Design — contemporary, classic, farmhouse

· Use case — storage, lighting, seating

· Value ad or point of difference of the product

· Style

-Start each bullet point with a capital letter.

– Bullet points should be written as sentence fragments.

– There should be no punctuation at the end of a bullet point.

– Use semicolons to separate phrases in a single bullet point.

– Do not include promotional information or links.

– Do not use HTML

– Use keywords you would like your product to rank by but don’t overuse them. Keep it human readable.

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