Festive Christmas Decor

Christmas is right around the corner! Decorate your home with red, green, and white coloring, Santa’s, Elves, Christmas trees, and snowy decorations. You can also decorate with traditional decorations, whimsical decorations, or farmhouse-inspired decorations. Whatever your style, Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family, giving back, and getting into the holiday spirit.

Create the traditional Christmas vibe with this Merry Christmas Vintage Red Car Throw Pillow. Pillows are the perfect holiday accent for your couch in your living room or dining room, or even on your bed. The vintage red car Christmas design is unique and cool, with some retro charm. You could also give these as a gift to your family or friends. Not only are they a cute design, but they are also comfortable and cozy!

This Winter White Chic Fabric Gnome is perfect for the entire winter season, a true winter wonderland, cuddly vibe. Place him anywhere in your home, your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Gnomes are a trendy, whimsical item and something that you can put on a table for kids to touch, unlike some breakable decor.

This Rustic Vintage Gingerbread Red and White Wall Art has all the homemade baked good “feels!” The design is printed on distressed wood panels with all of its knots and imperfections, giving this art a vintage and weathered feel. Warm up the hot cocoa now and enjoy the Christmas season with this unique and smile-producing home decor.

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Blog written by Caroline Kolczynski, Sales Executive 2021

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