Dorm Room Decorating Part 2, Enhancing the Essentials

A dorm room is equipped with the essentials — bed, dresser, desk, and lighting. But the lighting can be harsh and industrial, and the space for your stuff might need some enhancements. Adding your own lighting and a few items for organizing your stuff can go a very long way to optimizing your space while making it feel “homey!”


Additional lighting in your dorm or apartment will elevate the space from a LED classroom to a calming glow. This contemporary floor lamp is a classy option that matches almost any decor.

For long nights of homework and studying, this tech-savvy LED desk lamp is a necessity. With a wireless charging pad and a USB on the back, you can charge two devices simultaneously with maximum efficiency. This multifunctional lamp provides convenience and is the second option for lighting in your dorm or apartment bedroom. Trust me, your sleeping roommate won’t be happy if you need the overhead light to finish your homework.

Laundry Basket

A little secret about college is that the laundry room is usually not on the same floor as your dorm. Until you have your own washer and dryer, a laundry basket with a removable fabric lining (like this one) will provide much easier transportation of laundry loads. Unlike most laundry baskets, this white fabric and metal basket is a handmade, high-quality piece that will give a touch of style to your interior.

Shoe Rack

This shoe rack is another attractive option to pack in storage needs with a relatively small footprint. Perfect to stack shoes in an apartment entryway or in a dorm closet; other functions include a picture frame display or a compact bookshelf. The gorgeous white finish and classic design is built to last, ensuring service in your living space for years to come.

Desk Organizer

While living in a small space, organization tools will become your best friend. This organizer sits on a desk or on a vanity, with different compartments for smart functionality for pens or makeup. Keep those miscellaneous items in one place for a clean and organized college space.

Organization tools and good lighting go a long way in keeping your 12×9 dorm room tidy and welcoming.

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