Dorm Room Decorating — Part 1

The transition from home to college living is a chapter many of us never forget. From packing our belongings into a 12×9 dorm room to sharing a space with a complete stranger, the experience can bring excitement and uncertainty. Between exams and long nights with friends, one thing should always be certain: a space you can come home to that brings comfort, convenience, and joy. Whether you are preparing for dorm life or an off-campus apartment, it is useful to invest in durable and stylish furnishings that you can hold onto throughout your college career.

HomeRoots has gathered a list of college necessities that will stand out to young customers looking to craft their home away from home. This is the first of three posts.


A warm and cozy rug makes a space more comfortable, no matter how small. This ombre grey faux fur area rug will keep your feet warm when getting out of bed for that 8:00 am class. The gradient grey color matches with almost any dorm decor, and can even be draped over your futon for an accent blanket. Durable and delightful, this 36″ x 60″ rug is a must-have for college living.

A more subtle, low-maintenance option is this smoke grey contemporary rug; a great choice for high traffic areas as it’s easy to remove stains and spills. This modern piece also comes in a variety of colors and sizes, customizable for a dorm, apartment bedroom or living room.


And now for the fun part… decor! Blanketspillowsart and wall decor will take your college space from a practical room to a space that is truly yours.

Peel and Stick Decorative Tiles

And for the really adventurous try some peel and stick tiles! They are removable at the end of the year, no muss and no fuss. For a more brightly colored bathroom — if you are lucky enough to have a suite — add color around the sink, or around a full-length mirror, or even inside the hutch of your industrial-strength college dorm desk. These peel and stick tiles will add a pop of color and plenty of style to your dorm.

Mediterranean Brights Peel And Stick Removable Tiles

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