A Tray for Your Appetizer

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing appetizers for your guests or for a quiet celebration at home with family. Between chips and salsa, potato skins, shrimp cocktails, or flatbreads, there are many different types of trays or platters to choose from as a display. Each person on our team at HomeRoots has their own favorite appetizers as well. With their appetizers, there are many plates and trays that you can choose from!

Gil Bar-Lev, our CEO, says “Oh, getting hungry thinking about this, mine is pretty stereotypical but I would choose Bourekas, Hummus, and Falafel — the real ones made from scratch.” The perfect tray for these would be our Gilded Gold Finish Textured Serving Tray. This tray works well because of its oblong shape with a raised edge to keep the falafel on the platter. It also has a gold finish which fits the New Year’s Eve theme perfectly!

Diane Narwid, our VP of Merchandising, says “ For those who know me, they know what the answer always is — good, fresh guacamole with tortilla chips. Nothing better.” We have the best bowl for that, the Mouth Blown European Crystal Chip and Dip Bowl. This bowl is beautiful, yet practical because it includes a mini bowl inside of it for any dip of choice.

Kendall Egan, our Director of Sales, says “I will take pub style appetizers any day of the week — buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing, or even better stuffed potato skins, with the melting cheddar, scallions, bacon and sour cream.” The best tray for wings is the Handcrafted Hammered Stainless Steel Chip and Dip Server. This server is similar to the Crystal Chip and Dip tray, but messy wings need a sturdy serving piece! With this, you can put the wings and celery on the side, along with blue cheese or ranch dressing in the middle bowl.

Anne Beaumont, our Controller, says “mini quiche lorraine — the flaky pastry paired with the delicious baked egg, cream, cheese and ham, c’est magnifique!” The best display for these little bites is our Handcrafted Hammered Stainless Steel Rectangular Tray. This tray is perfect for these with its rectangular shape, providing an elegant contrast of little round pastries with the solid edges of the platter.

Vinod Raman Patchipulsu, our Product Manager, says “I will go with Indian snacks I like the most — Punugulu , Mirchi bhaji and Dahi Puri — if you get a chance, try these!” Any of these snacks would look delicious on this Gray Begonia Leaf Ceramic Serving Tray. It is a ceramic piece with an elegant leaf shape and natural detail, with enough space to plate many of these appetizers!

As for me, my favorite appetizer would be cheese and crackers, the traditional appetizer! The perfect tray for this would be the Grey Metal Glass Top With Maze Like Pattern. This tray will fit many cheese and crackers with its long rectangular shape, and is easy to carry from room to room!

Happy New Year, if you have champagne on the menu, definitely add an ice bucket to keep it frosty!

Blog written by Caroline Kolczynski, Sales Executive 2021

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