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Product Listings – We know what it takes!


Content is King. Creating that content is a headache! Whether you craft all your own data and content for each channel or work through a PIM, the struggle of organizing, presenting, and maintaining this valuable information is real. 

HomeRoots is a solution to the content creation pain point. Think about all the positive impacts to your business and bottom line that would result from uploading your data once and then not having to worry about it! 

We know what it takes to have a robust and growing relationship with Wayfair. HomeRoots is fully integrated by category to turn your data into premier content that can not only go live quickly on Wayfair but adheres to all of their policies, parameters, and recommendations. 

Ai generates Lifestyle photo

HomeRoots Capabilities Include:

We take your Product specification data and do our magic. You upload it once and we broadcast it to many interested buyers 

Bar chairs

About HomeRoots



A passion for furniture combined with technical expertise, led us to create a platform,, that offers an extensive selection of furniture, lighting, and home decor products at competitive prices to businesses/trade. HomeRoots is a one-stop shop that focuses only on home products. Headquartered in  Fairfield New Jersey, we strive to provide buyers with a seamless and robust B2B online shopping experience. 

Operations Management

HomeRoots provides a comprehensive synchronization between Wayfair and HomeRoots, enabling you to manage all your operations in one place. Utilizing HomeRoots will allow you to cut your internal operational expenses, eliminating your need to have multiple team members for each sales channel and activity. We  streamline all orders, shipping, and invoicing into one single dashboard that is intuitive and easy to use! 

Seamless Order Flow – Orders from all channels in one dashboard with the appropriate shipping labels and packing slips included.

LTL Shipping and BOL creation – HomeRoots will produce the documents for you and schedule the pickups for you.

Shipment Confirmation & Invoicing – HomeRoots will confirm shipments and Invoice on your behalf.

Flexible Integrations Options – Looking for additional automation? Connect to HomeRoots via flat files, API or EDI.


Multi channel sales

Multi-channel solutions

Working with HomeRoots not only broadens your access to additional channels but also simplifies compliance with the guidelines of each platform we partner with, leveraging the initial data you submitted for your Wayfair product listings.

HomeRoots works with leading retailers, eCommerce platforms, and small businesses that will allow you the opportunity to work with them as well and meet your sales goals faster than ever before.

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Increase sales

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